Cast Iron Gas Lamp standards found in Norway. Manufactured by Ingram and Phillips in 1866. The   foundry   was   located   in   Stuckton   and   the   site   had already   been   involved   in   various   forms   of   engineering and foundry from1844. It   is   planned   to   add   further   information   on   these   works, later being better known as Armfields One   interestingnote   is   a   Patent   taken   out   by   Ingram   and Phillips as below 1584.            To        Jenkin            Jones            Ingram                and              GeorgeRichard         Phillips,         both         of      the      Stuckton     IronWorks,          Fordingbridge,          in          the          county     of       Hants,Engineers,   for   the      invention      of   "   improvementsin     valves          for          regulating          feed          suction          and       otherpurposes."On         their            petition,         recorded            in            the           Office      ofthe            Commissioners         on         the         9th            day      of     June,1866.
An ornate example of the work produced at Stuckton only one year later in 1867 given to Fordingbridge by the then Lord of the Manor - see the plaque
Fordingbridge Gas Lamps