10 October AGM, followed by ‘the History of Fordingbridge Fire Brigade’ with Pete White, the former Station Manager.  Pete started his career at Fordingbridge in 1987 and was involved in many significant and memorable incidents.  On a lighter note, a pair of tortoises also appear in despatches! 14 November The launch of ‘A Place of Last Resort: the history of Fordingbridge Workhouse’.  This booklet (authored and published by the Society) tells the story of the Workhouse and its role in the history of the town and surrounding district from the 17th Century to the present day. 12 December ‘The Treasures of Dorset’ presented by Christopher Legrand.  Christopher has always lived in East Dorset and will take us on a scenic trip around the county, discovering some of the lesser- known facts about its history, families, architecture and landscape.
9 January 2023 ‘Her Salisbury Story’ with Soroptimist Jenny Hair and her colleagues who will talk about their project which focuses on the key women who’ve shaped Salisbury’s history.  Be prepared to meet authors, brothel keepers, builders and bishops! 13 February ‘Prisoners, pirates and volcanoes: the years after Waterloo’.  Paul Chamberlain discusses life after 1815 when the world changed.  The following years were just as interesting as those before Waterloo and Paul’s presentation will give a flavour of what was happening around the world at that time. 13 March  ‘The Admirals of Milford’.  Milford-on-Sea local historian Barry Jolly’s talk will focus on Admirals Cornwallis, Man and Peyton who all came from Milford.  They played a significant part in the success Nelson’s Navy were part in the context of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. 17 April Lawrence: before and after Arabia’.  Described as one of the most influential Englishmen of the 20 th  Century, the legend of Lawrence is well documented in books and film.  Colin van Geffen makes a welcome return to talk about Lawrence’s life before and after the Desert War and reveals the fascinating truth from amongst the many legends.
2022 Lectures 
2023 Lectures 
All Lectures held at St Mary’s Church Hall, Fordingbridge, SP6 1BE starting at 2.30 pm